Quite frankly appalled by the accusations that besmirch not just a fantastic set of publications but writers and editors from all of them. I and my fellow writers/editors freely give up our valuable time to help other writers to grow following the guidance and rules of Medium. To be labelled as fake is beyond contempt.Just to be clear on one point, Illumination does not have a paywall and does not make any money from our efforts, fact.

Can I also point out that a writer does not have to pay a penny piece to be published in any Medium publication. Also, those writers who do earn money from Medium do so not for claps but for reading time. And finally, if the accuser really believes in what he infers about us all being a part of a Pyramid scheme, then I have a question to ask; why do you choose to participate and subscribe to it?

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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