Katie Takes a Few Steps Forward Towards Growth

Like Doctor Frankenstien, I have created a monster and unleashed it on an unsuspecting public.

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hat started out as an attempt to support a Linkedin friend who was trying to educate the wider public about what goes into writing a good piece of copy, has become a bit of a monster that is beginning to take over my life. And I love it.

After my first article using Katie as a reference got a good reaction, I wrote a second piece called ‘What Katie Did Next’ which was a nice little short story with a twist.

Then I got the idea to see if this idea had legs and decided to turn it into a series of fun short stories with a twist.

However, first I realised that ‘ What Katie Did Next ‘ needed some editing. In the latter part of the story the plot needed tightening up some. This has now been done.

So if you read the story in its previous state please do go back and have a re-read. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Next step, the next few episodes for want of a better word, are provisionally entitled as follows and could, in the process of writing, change to something else.

Katie Goes Into Outer Space

Katie Goes Back To School

would like to take the trouble to thank Professional Copywriter Katie Thompson for somehow inspiring me to set off down this path. Maybe it’s something in the air between us…....

(that’s a heck of a lot of air as I believe Katie is somewhere deep in the United Kingdom and I am in far away Asia)

………. or maybe it’s something to do with Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance. Who knows. Whatever it is, I am always ever so grateful for whatever inspiration comes my way.

And so the monster grows apace and I am highly excited to see just where that takes me. It could stop at just four more stories, or it could go on to all sorts of adventures.

In many ways dear readers, it depends on you. If I see that Katie's exploits catch your interest, then on we go. If not then we stop. It’s as simple as that. Happy reading.

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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