I really do feel for you. As I have maybe mentioned before, I have been married to a Spanish woman and I spent twenty five years living in Spain being treated like a second class citizen.

The Spanish Ministry of Education even blocked my expensive attempts at getting my degree homologated so that I could teach in the state system schools.

The number of times I was treated like an ignorant fool, because I was English, beggared belief. And back in my home country I was subject to a certain amount of ridicule, " What's up, a nice white English girls isn't good enough for you Liam."

Now I am married to a lovely Japanese girl and back in Spain I got it a little bit about that. One guy making squinty eyed gestures, others wanting to know if they could have my wife when I had finished with her ! They presumed that it was all just for the sex and that she was little more than an Asian whore. Seriously Rebecca, I am a white guy who gets what it is you're saying. And I love that you're saying it ever so eloquently and determined to fight it.

Keep going, you'll get there in the end.

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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