Hey Steven thank you for that. I am all for the plurality of perception. However, with the greatest of respect for your opinion, I have to say that we clearly have a different take on what a perverse narcissist is. A perverse narcissist is somebody who thinks only of themselves to the exclusion of all others. So please do check my words. I do believe that I was including the pain to everybody else, not just me! Her family, my family, our children, our mutual friends of many years standing. As for you thinking that I thought she should continue living unhappily with me you couldn't be more wrong sir. By the time that I asked her that question our marriage was long over by more than a few years, a time when I was looking for answers for what had happened. I most certainly was not looking for her to remain in a marriage just to make me happy at the cost of her own happiness. I just needed to know why she chose such a destructive way out. I will not go into the manner of destruction. However, if somebody is not happy they have to say so and part in a civilised manner rather than burn the bloody house down.
As for projection, oh yes, I am more than familiar with that concept. That is when you accuse somebody of the self same thing that you are guilty of. Like putting it about that your innocent partner is having an illicit affair because that is exactly what you are doing! Which is exactly what she did! And being all too familiar with psychological processes, that was when I knew of her infidelity and hiving off of financial assets behind my back in anticipation of breaking up. Of course, for reasons of brevity I did not give you the full story in this article, though I did speak of it elsewhere. As for making a comparison with Trump, I have to say that is a quantum leap and a half. Ha ha, I totally agree with your perception of Trump, on that at least we are in agreement. As for me being in any way, shape or form just like Trump, oh dear, that is so far off the mark I can only smile at the thought. Thank you ever so much for giving me the opportunity to perhaps clarify a little more in the hope that you understand. On a positive note, it was all many many years ago and I am now blissfully remarried. I hope this reply finds you well and hope even more that your country rises once again to the greatness we all wish for you, sans Trump, of course.

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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