Getting Up Nice And Close With Nature For Free Visual Content

Being creative with an iPad or iPhone

The photographs in this article probably won't win any photography awards, but they are more than good enough to be published in article like this.

For Medium writers it's really important to try to get some good visual content. That can be a problem in terms of first of all finding a suitable photograph and then making sure it is copyright free. So it is much easier to simply create your own visual content, and it really isn't that difficult.

Photograph by William Peter O'Neill

The photographs you see here were all taken with an iPhone 7 on a relaxing three kilometre walk around my neighbourhood at six in the morning. The composition was all done with the human eye in taking the shots. So no need for cropping or adding any special effects later. You just need to develop a good eye for composition, a steady hand and then point and shoot. I chose the field of golden wheat with a flash of green for the contrast and did a simple zoom.

The photograph below was at a local cemetery. I loved the splash of colour in an otherwise monochromatic setting. It's like I have mixed black and white film with colour, without using any film at all. For this no zoom was needed, I just got up nice and close physically.

Photograph by William Peter O'Neill

Getting close to home and I saw this bird on the wire. I saw the possibility to divide the frame diagonally, the lines taking the eye from down left to up right, leading you to focus on the bird, which seemed quite happy to wait for me to take the shot.

Photograph by William Peter O'Neill

I can take no credit for the following photograph which was taken by my wife. I did take a few similar photographs of the same subject, but hers was better. Again, all she did was get up nice and close at a good angle to capture the natural beauty of this Japanese Yuka plant.

Photograph by Sachiko Kawanabe

The last photograph I saw as a simply gorgeous display of colour offset to the right of some ferns. Yet again, I just got up nice and close and took the photo.

Photograph by William Peter 0'Neill

With all of the above photos the only special equipment needed was the human eye and a common or garden iPhone. I took the photos for possible later use in some as yet unwritten article. In all I took about 120 shots and these were the pick of the crop. In the end what I had gave me the idea to construct an article around what I had in the can. The best part is I don't have to worry about infringing anybody else's copyright.

Photograph by William Peter O'Neill

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