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Bad moon rising part six

When I returned from the little errand she had sent me on she had recovered her composure and calm.

Well I spoke to my boss…” she said “ and he said he didn’t say that in the way that you took it. It was all a big misunderstanding, that’s all. So I’ll thank you to not mention it again if you don’t mind. Right, now let’s get the children fed shall we.”

I played the obedient spouse and tried to put it out of my mind for the rest of the evening. Soon enough the children were fed and put to bed and before long we followed their lead.

As I got into bed I could see she was pretending to read a magazine. It was upside down. “ What does your boss do exactly that requires you to call him late at night on a Friday whilst I am out seeing Joe for a beer ? “ I asked all nonchalant.

He’s a farmer.” She replied calmly.

A farmer ? I thought you worked at the college not a bloody farm. And even farmers aren’t out in the field at midnight for god’s sakes.

Well he’s got lots of jobs.” she said as her brain scrambled to come up with a better answer.

Well I’m sorry madam, but none of this adds up one little bit.” I told her.

So “ she softly enquired “ What are you going to do about it ?”

I’m going to get to the bottom of it that’s what I’m going to do about it." I said matter of factly. It was like lighting the blue touch paper to a NASA sky rocket. She leapt out of bed completely naked and started screaming at me hysterically as she began emptying draws of underwear and socks, her arms flailing and wheeling like a demented windmill in a storm.

Right ! That’s it I’m going and I’m taking the children with me." she screamed at me like a wild banshee possessed. Then she let out a scream so deep and guttural like it had emanated from deep below ground, from the very bowels of the history of all that was evil and malicious. It was blood chilling to hear and set the hairs on the back of my neck on end. And as she wailed and moaned she was salivating from the corners of her mouth and a trickle of blood slipped out over her bottom lip and down her chin. It was as scary as hell and I really didn't know what to make of it. Then all of a sudden it began to abate a little.

Concerned for the sleeping children next door I had to retract what I had said just to calm her down. “ Right, fine I’ll leave where it is then, just bloody well shut up and calm down before you wake the kids.” I told her. As suddenly as she had launched far into outer space she came back down and got back into bed as if nothing had happened. It was as if something some stark raving monster had briefly taken residence in her before making a lightening exit less than two minutes later. I was shocked to the core. I had never seen her like this in twenty years of marriage. This was not the woman I married, loved and adored. This was something else, something uncontrollable and animalistic.

I went over to the window and looked out. The night sky was ominously stained blood red. A beacon of madness that was the moon sat low and right up close. It seemed almost to be homing in on our house, taunting me with its lunar power. I felt a strong tug, like a spring tide inexorably drawn towards a desolate landscape. A place of desolation, a place where all sense of humanity and civilisation was on the run, a place of ruins and fetid, rotting human existence. I felt my whole life slipping away from me. I had been rocked by a shock so enormous, so debilitating, so god damn awful, so cutting, right through to my heart and soul, I really did not know what would come next or if I would survive it.

I closed the curtains and turned to our bed, once a paradise of love and peace and harmony, now pit of slithering, slimey snakes, a cursed death trap not of my making.

I thought of our three beautiful children. What was to become of them. They deserved better than this. I had to stop thinking before I lost my wits. Somebody round here had to keep their head if they were to have any chance at all of coming out of this mess intact and unharmed.

I slowly climbed into bed and tried to maintain my distance, clinging on to my side of the bed so as not to slip into the middle and accidentally so much as touch, even lightly, that which I now saw as poison.

That animalistic male voice was taunting me. “ Why don’t you ask your wife. You’re pathetic, ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa “ It echoed around my brain torturing me until I closed my eyes. Somehow I fell into a deep sleep that I secretly longed not to wake from.

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