Bad moon rising part seven

The next morning I was feeling rough after reliving the next morning from the past. Sometimes I lose track of when I am, past or present. Is today yesterday, or the day before, or ten years ago. I don’t really know. What I do know is that the night my wife Zuchi went all animalistic and possessed was the most disturbing thing I had ever witnessed in my entire life.

We woke up, as normal, we went downstairs as normal. It was as if none of the night before had ever happened, like it was all just some sort of nightmare I had had all to myself. This morning she was the epitome of normality. We got the children up, dressed, breakfasted and off to school just like every other school day. And before long Zuchi herself was off to work, as normal, that is to say, in her work clothes, with her old leather satchel of work papers.” Byeee, don’t forget to collect the kids from school.“ she called out as she slammed the front door shut.

And suddenly I was on my own trying to figure out my next move. Little did I realise that this was the calm before the storm. What was to follow was a concerted effort to completely scramble my brain by gaslighting. Even less did I know that Zuchi had reinforcements I would stand no chance against in my battle to save my family.

What I came to realise later was that for over a year Zuchi had been living a double life and had been secretly painting a very bad picture of me with just about everybody we knew, as well as a few we didn’t.

My mind scout, the one I had sent in search of anything suspicious or untoward kept coming back with little titbits of seeming evidence that something unpleasant was afoot. For example, my father in law who I had always got on with very well indeed seemed of late rather unfriendly in his tone towards me. I mentioned that to Zuchi and she simply passed it off as old age getting the better of him. In fact as I later discovered he was having his mind poisoned against me, as indeed was everybody else.

What I was up against was not just the devil inside my wife, but also her slimey boss and a cohort of ultra bra-burning, man hating, feminist work colleagues, a twisted, bi-sexual, liberal, soul mate of a close friend and her husband who both fancied the pants off my wife, and just about anybody else who my wife chose to enlist against me for whatever twisted reason or sleight I had inadvertently visited upon her.

What was to come was a battle that had already been won and I had been far too busy to see coming. Too busy providing for those who conspired against me to see what was heading my way with a convoy of fully armed military tanks, with the devil herself driving the lead tank, conniving in secret and screaming openly like a messianic denouncer of good as a force of evil. In short, I had been painted as the devil incarnate by a woman possessed and on a mission to destroy all that lay before her. Game on.

At the end of the day I was leaving the house to get in my car to go and visit my mother for a few days. I decided to take my answerphone with me in case any important work messages needed to be left for me to listen to later.

Zuchi was just arriving as I was leaving and saw that I was carrying the telephone. She looked worried. “ Where are you going with that ?” She demanded. “ I hope you haven’t bugged our phone, have you ? “

“ I might have done. “ I teased, intrigued at the idea.” Zuchi got angry.

“ Well if you have, you have got to reckon with my friend Belen and my sister Jane. They will take legal action against you you know ? “

For what I wondered would they be so worried that I might listen in to, a girls chat about the price of sausages as Sainsbury’s ? “ All this exchange on the drive did was to give me the idea to bug my phone on the basis that there was clearly something very much afoot that they did not want me to hear about. My decision was made and I was off to see my mum with what would turn out to be an ill advised spring in my step.

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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