Bad moon rising part five

The atmosphere in the kitchen was at boiling point, as indeed was the kettle.I was so full of rage at the audacity of the animal. To have an affair with my wife was one thing, to insultingly mock me about it was quite beyond the pale.

“ That number belongs to my boss “ she replied with some indignance, as if I had no right to ask such a question.

“ Really, and what sort of a person is your boss ? “ I asked.

“ He’s very nice since you ask.” she said calmly.

I could hold it in no longer, my anger at being spoken to in the way her boss had spoken to me was an affront. I could palpably feel the torment rising from deep within my bowels.

“ Well then perhaps you’d care to explain why he wasn’t very nice to me this afternoon.” I snarled.

She counter-attacked with “ Oh my god, please don’t tell me you called him on the phone ! I could get the sack.” She moaned.

This wouldn’t be the first time she tried to put me on a guilt trip about her guilty little secret, if indeed there was a guilty secret. Still half my brain was half trying very hard to convince me that this was all a big misunderstanding. And yet, way, way at the back of my mind some little alarm bells began to tinkle. Like the night not too long ago when she seemed determined that I should go and visit a friend of mine, a friend she had railed against for years and complained about any time I told her I was popping out to see him. My mind began to flit between the past and the present. It was as if I had sent a mind scout out on a search for corroboration of my suspicions and he was running backwards and forwards to the forefront of my mind.

“ What did he say.” She demanded.

I told her what her boss had said and she got angry. “ You’re a liar ! “ she spat. “ I don’t believe you.”

I only half heard her as still my mind scout was tugging at my mind’s elbow with some other suspicious half memories.

Suddenly I snapped back into the present, the here and now when she said

“ Right I’m going to ring him now in the living room. But you can stay here in the kitchen, I don’t need you losing control in the middle of my conversation with him.” There she was, putting it all on me again. And with that she turned and went out of the kitchen into the living room. I didn’t move an inch. Within less than ten seconds she was back, lying that he wasn’t picking up the phone. It was impossible for her to have even dialled the number in such a short space of time.

“ Right “ she said confidently “ I’ll call him later. You need to go and get some bread and milk from the corner shop, if it’s not too much to ask.”

I realised at this point that it was better to give her some space. For sure she just wanted me out of the house so that she could call him in my absence and get some cock and bull story going between them. I decided to feed him and her some rope and went out to the corner shop at the end of the street. As I walked down our drive to get in my car a little voice that was getting smaller and less and less convincing by the minute whispered into my ear

“ You could still be wrong, just see what she comes back with after her call to him.” Yet another little voice that was growing stronger by the second was yelling “ She’s a lying cheating little bitch, don’t believe the cow for one minute or you’re going to get very badly hurt.” I should have listened to the second voice more and the first one less, a lot less, like not at all.

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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