I am so much more than meets the eye

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Well, all you guys on Illumination-Curated know me as Liam Ireland, writer and editor at Illumination. Just like the rest of you I write articles, short stories and poetry, which I submit to this wonderful writers platform.

I must admit that even as a professional writer in a previous life I struggled a bit when I started out on my Illumination journey. I was used to pen and paper, not a keyboard and digital interface.

As a result I got it all wrong. So I set about getting it all right. I just stuck at it every single day. Head…

A collection of my best short stories

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Since joining Illumination I have written quite a wide variety of articles, short stories and poems. However, like my life in general, it all became a bit of a clutter. So I have finally decided to try to impose some sort of order, starting with a collection of nine short stories.

My first attempt at the short story form on Illumination began with a series of three short pieces for children centred around a character called Katie. …

Editorial Perspectives

Illuminating What It Takes To Succeed As A Writer On Illumination

Photograph by Cottonbro on Pexels

As you read through this article, bear one thing in mind; myself and Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA, are fellow writers and co-editors of this article and we began our Illumination,Illumination-Curated,Technology Hits and Illumination Mirror journey just like you. Indeed, almost all who are involved in Illumination up to today, are relatively new to the project.

Nine months ago the Illumination publications didn't even exist!

They were created because of the visionary dreams and revolutionary determination of one man, Dr Mehmet Yildiz. Now they are positively flourishing and exponentially growing at an amazing rate every single day.

We now have over…

In the Autumn of my life

Photograph by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

It was a stunningly beautiful Autumn day, the azure blue sky acting like a blank canvas on which nature had decided to paint a masterpiece full of vibrant natural colours. A mosaic, leaf-confetti littered pathway led off to a vanishing point far off in the distance. On both sides, lines of skeleton trees, devoid of their summer foliage, stood like sentinels guarding the pathway to heaven. To each side mid-life evergreens acted as a natural bulwark to protect the open parkland behind.

An old man sat on a park bench just off to the right. He was dressed in a…

A short story

Chapter 4 The Final Furlong

Image by Matthew Schwartz on Unsplash

I quickly grabbed a brown envelope stuffed with a few thousand pounds in old white five pound notes, pushed it down my trouser front and dove behind the door. I heard the footsteps on the landing, closely followed by the shutting of the bathroom door. I deftly and as quietly as I could eased open the bedroom door and tip toed down the stairs and out of the house.

As I stepped out into the street I could see that I had indeed travelled back in time. The old pub across the road was hardly five years old and the…

Writing and publishing chapters

For writers of the longer read

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A year ago I joined Medium and began to submit to Illumination. Over the course of the year a great many thing have been achieved both for Illumination and for myself. My successes have been very much connected to those of Illumination and its affiliate publications. We have become joined at the hip as it were.

However, one thing that I felt was missing was a home for longer reads. Nevertheless, I did publish quite a few short stories in the hope that they would get some attention, which they duly did, though not as much as I had hoped.

A short story

Catching up with the past. Chapter 2.

Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash

As I write, I’m sat out on my Japanese veranda overlooking the most beautiful garden you ever saw in all your life. A step down onto a tidy little lawn, just a few steps from my very own pond where I keep some Koi carp.

My view is right up close to an amazing arrangement of small to medium-sized trees with a splendid array of colours, green, gold and salmon pink. Rising up behind is a small patch of pale blue sky with a passing fluff of cloud or two.

Standing behind me, watching over me is my lovely oriental…

As many Illumination Curated readers are also published writers, it appears to me that it's something of a slam dunk to re-purpose some of your published writings on Illumination Book Chapters. My reasoning is really quite simple.

1.By serialising your pre-published books chapter by chapter you are offering the readers a longer read. With Medium now paying writers based upon how much time a reader spends reading, that means more money in the bank. Whats more, longer reads are being curated.

2.At the same time you are promoting your published work to an audience who may feel inclined to buy…

In this Medium/Illumination virtual bookshop/library, there are times when writers need to leave their stock in trade, words in other words, alone and do some technological number crunching.

I recently published some book chapters, which got curated for wider distribution. It seems to me that the Medium digital algorithm does favour the longer read every bit as much as it does the short form. As for curation, if your first chapter gets curated, then you can easily add links to your none curated pages and they too, by default, will be curated.

So, if you are a writer of longer…

Since a great many readers of Synergy are entrepeneurial by nature, it makes sense for those people in particular to take a look at Illumination Book Chapters.

Some reasons to submit your writings to IBC are as follows.

  1. It is a great way to re-purpose your published work chapter by chapter to reach those readers who enjoy a longer read.
  2. Many writers on IBC are seeing their work curated, which gives you access to a wider audience across the Medium platform. That means more money.
  3. It is already proving an excellent promotional tool not just for the books that you…

Liam Ireland

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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