I am so much more than meets the eye

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Well, all you guys on Illumination-Curated know me as Liam Ireland, writer and editor at Illumination. Just like the rest of you I write articles, short stories and poetry, which I submit to this wonderful writers platform.

I must admit that even as a professional writer in a previous life I struggled a bit when I started out on my Illumination journey. I was used to pen and paper, not a keyboard and digital interface.

As a result I got it all wrong. So I set about getting it all right. I just stuck at it every single day. Head…

A collection of my best short stories

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Since joining Illumination I have written quite a wide variety of articles, short stories and poems. However, like my life in general, it all became a bit of a clutter. So I have finally decided to try to impose some sort of order, starting with a collection of nine short stories.

My first attempt at the short story form on Illumination began with a series of three short pieces for children centred around a character called Katie. …

Editorial Perspectives

Illuminating What It Takes To Succeed As A Writer On Illumination

Photograph by Cottonbro on Pexels

As you read through this article, bear one thing in mind; myself and Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA, are fellow writers and co-editors of this article and we began our Illumination,Illumination-Curated,Technology Hits and Illumination Mirror journey just like you. Indeed, almost all who are involved in Illumination up to today, are relatively new to the project.

Nine months ago the Illumination publications didn't even exist!

They were created because of the visionary dreams and revolutionary determination of one man, Dr Mehmet Yildiz. Now they are positively flourishing and exponentially growing at an amazing rate every single day.

We now have over…

In the Autumn of my life

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It was a stunningly beautiful Autumn day, the azure blue sky acting like a blank canvas on which nature had decided to paint a masterpiece full of vibrant natural colours. A mosaic, leaf-confetti littered pathway led off to a vanishing point far off in the distance. On both sides, lines of skeleton trees, devoid of their summer foliage, stood like sentinels guarding the pathway to heaven. To each side mid-life evergreens acted as a natural bulwark to protect the open parkland behind.

An old man sat on a park bench just off to the right. He was dressed in a…

A short story

Chapter 2. A tale of the grave injustices visited upon a male person of colour.

Bruno Thethe on Unsplash

Sun, sand, sea, a subtropical climate, a diet, and lifestyle to die for. I almost did indeed die. The paradise I had craved for for so many years turned out to be nothing less than a living hell. It was a place in which a very large part of me passed away as sylphly as a pupa turning into a chrysalis. It was a passing from sweet innocence to harsh experience in a foreign land. Had I known what the future seventeen years held in store for me I would have run a thousand miles to get away from it…

A short story

Chapter 1. A tale of the grave injustices visited upon a male person of colour.

Bruno Thethe on Unsplash

It is with varying degrees of mixed feelings, namely cold comfort and lukewarm satisfaction, that I can claim that over fifteen years of legal and illegal persecution, I was never bettered by a single lawyer in a court of law. However, even having won every single case against me, in something like fifty trials, I still came out of it all in ruins. In short, I managed to seize defeat from the jaws of victory.

My troubles all began when my second crazy, vindictive second ex-wife went completely off the rails and set out to destroy me. In many ways…


The world is watching, and we don't like what we see.

Photograph by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

Over the last few days I have been watching online videos of police and black African American interactions, usually to do with some alleged traffic infraction. Now I don't have any statistics to hand about what percentage of stops are black as opposed to white, but it does seem to me that that quite often blacks are picked out and treated differently than whites. But this is not the main point I want to address here. What I do want to address is the issue of how things go down when it is a black person who is being stopped.

Writing tips

It's all about sex, apparently

Image by Ferdinand Studio on Unsplash

People sometimes ask me what my approach to writing is, how exactly do I go about it? I wish I had a pat answer I really do. The problem is I constantly change from day to day, from hour to hour.

(I could see from the look in her eyes that she was game for it....)

I almost never make any detailed plans, being a firm believer that life is what happens while your busy making other plans. Writing too is something that just happens whilst I am busy making other plans or doing other things.

For example take this…

Maritime History

A modest man who almost died saving the lives of others

The hero of the day held on to this rail and survived. Photograph by NOAA on Unsplash


In search of the Holy Grail

Image by Steve Halama on Unsplash

After almost a year of writing on Medium I finally got hold of the Holy Grail of writing for all writers, Curation. To be honest, I never really expected that to happen. I guess that's the way things always go, things happen when you least expect them to.

For me, the interesting part of all this is how it came to be. I had long since stopped asking myself why my writings were not being curated. But I am as curious as hell to discover why suddenly and unexpectedly Curation came my way. …

Liam Ireland

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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