You don't choose to be a writer, it chooses you.

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In all honesty I really don’t feel that I chose to become a writer, I think it was more of a case of it choosing me. Something reached across the sky and touched me and that was it.

As a child I enjoyed writing and at the age of ten or eleven I started to write my own poetry. But coming from an impoverished working class background, brought up in a bad part of town, I was expected to get a job doing some sort of manual labour getting my hands dirty. …

I am so much more than meets the eye

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Well, all you guys on Illumination-Curated know me as Liam Ireland, writer and editor at Illumination. Just like the rest of you I write articles, short stories and poetry, which I submit to this wonderful writers platform.

I must admit that even as a professional writer in a previous life I struggled a bit when I started out on my Illumination journey. I was used to pen and paper, not a keyboard and digital interface.

As a result I got it all wrong. So I set about getting it all right. I just stuck at it every single day. Head…

A collection of my best short stories

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Since joining Illumination I have written quite a wide variety of articles, short stories and poems. However, like my life in general, it all became a bit of a clutter. So I have finally decided to try to impose some sort of order, starting with a collection of nine short stories.

My first attempt at the short story form on Illumination began with a series of three short pieces for children centred around a character called Katie. …

Editorial Perspectives

Illuminating What It Takes To Succeed As A Writer On Illumination

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As you read through this article, bear one thing in mind; myself and Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA, are fellow writers and co-editors of this article and we began our Illumination,Illumination-Curated,Technology Hits and Illumination Mirror journey just like you. Indeed, almost all who are involved in Illumination up to today, are relatively new to the project.

Nine months ago the Illumination publications didn't even exist!

They were created because of the visionary dreams and revolutionary determination of one man, Dr Mehmet Yildiz. Now they are positively flourishing and exponentially growing at an amazing rate every single day.

We now have over…

In the Autumn of my life

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It was a stunningly beautiful Autumn day, the azure blue sky acting like a blank canvas on which nature had decided to paint a masterpiece full of vibrant natural colours. A mosaic, leaf-confetti littered pathway led off to a vanishing point far off in the distance. On both sides, lines of skeleton trees, devoid of their summer foliage, stood like sentinels guarding the pathway to heaven. To each side mid-life evergreens acted as a natural bulwark to protect the open parkland behind.

An old man sat on a park bench just off to the right. He was dressed in a…

Life Lessons

The other side of life

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Almost diametrically opposed to, and to disprove any belief that all I ever think about is Love, Money and Sex, lord forbid that I should ever have such a narrow mindset, here I would like to present to you one or two things which have got absolutely nothing to do with any of the above three topics.

One thing I have been blessed with is a sense of wonder about the world that we live in. …

Read on and all will be revealed

Mathias Huysmans on Unsplash

Three of the most successful topics here on Medium are love, money and sex, and that is because they are the three most powerful needs of our daily lives. It would not be impossible to live without these three needs being satisfied, but it would be very difficult to say the least.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to get by without love, money and sex, but I compensated by finding other things to occupy my mind. I basically invested my time in my own personal development and growth, and that was more than enough to lead…

Life Lessons

Yours begins here

Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash

On the first of June 2020 I published the story below about my journey as a writer back in the day that I earned a kings ransom as a freelance copywriter. Those days are long since gone, but I am happy to report that the hunger that got me to the top of that profession way back then remains and is serving me very well here on Medium.

Since this story was originally published I set my stall out to try to reach the same dizzy heights, this time as a semi retired full time writer on Medium. …

Life Lessons

That leads to the door of your true destiny

Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Sitting out in the hot afternoon Japanese sun I found myself mulling over almost my entire past life. A question I found myself asking myself was "What brought me here?" And the more I thought about it the more I realised that what brought me here to this place of peace and tranquility, this very deep sense of occupational, emotional and spiritual fulfilment, was every single step I took, both good and bad.

There have been times in my life when I have despaired of some of my decisions as well as a great many things which have befallen me…

Life Lesson

Making your life an open book

Debby Hudson on Unsplash

There is one thing all of the top writers here on Medium have in common. In fact, they have this one thing in common with lots of other successful people in music and the plastic and performing arts in the big wide world.

To a man and a woman in these fields, straight or otherwise, successful people wear their hearts on their sleeves. They show their true feelings about their own personal histories. They fearlessly show their vulnerabilities, warts and all. In this way, they can relate to their audience on emotional levels which strike a common chord on a…

Liam Ireland

Author, writer, Illumination Editor, Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

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